Formed in 2018 at the University of York, our first piece of work was this staging of Alice Birch’s Many Moons which premiered at the Create. Engage. React. festival, 2019. Since then, we have gone on to win the York Performance Award 2019, and are now about to embark on our debut national tour.

We like music, images, and colour; we like characters, jokes, and games. We believe in fairness, and we are invested in untold, unheard stories. Our work has energy and rhythm; we want to engage and entertain.

We like to make theatre that is wild, and don’t mind if things go wrong: we like unplanned, we like mistakes, we like alive. We want to make work that listens to and speaks with audiences. We want them to make up their own minds about what they see.

We aim to be courageous and outspoken with each other. We trust the play, we trust one another, and we trust the audience.    


We enjoy playing with the senses, and taking advantage of theatre being live and living. We like to think carefully about space: its context and history, its dimensions and acoustics, and its location and landscape. We don’t believe in franchise or one-size-fits-all.          

We are a theatre company who believe in sharing with our audience. Our theatre is not a lecture, it’s responsive; we don’t blame or attack. We find stories with a pulse and embrace the live. 

We are Rocket Box.        

Mischa Jones
Mischa is a theatre maker and musician from Devon. She is a member of Rocket Box, and is currently studying an MA at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, after graduating from the University of York. She has performed with the National Youth Theatre and was a designer and stage manager for The Young Pretenders Theatre Company.

Follow the link to visit her website.
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Special thanks to Harry Brewer, Greg Tiani and Ross Hayward for the wonderful photography.

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