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“The clouds gather and converge as the thunder rumbles"

“A perfect Mad Hatter's affair"

A Raindrop Falls & Childhood.


A double bill of poetry exploring the themes of growth, nostalgia, and reflection.


Sit back and relive your youth at the Mad Hatter's tea party: experience the familiar smell of cucumber sandwiches on plastic plates, the sound of laughter echoing through the garden, and the faint twinkle of a fairy's wing gliding past your ear. 

Written and performed by Paulina Davey with original music composed by Harry Brewer. 

Available on both SoundCloud and Youtube (with captions)

Writer: Paulina Davey

Sound Editing/Original Music: Harry Brewer

Marketing and Video Editing: Alice Lloyd-Davies

Captions: Zach Pierce

Illustrations: Eleanor Hibbert

Performed By: Paulina Davey and Annabel Lee

Produced by Rocket Box Theatre.

Made in Association with the Sunflower Foundation as a part of their Sunflower Skills Club.

A captioned version of the radio play is available on our YouTube Page. If you would like a full transcript, please email:

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