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"Now our story has begun
We draw you from your ale and rum
To our world, we invite you back
To Edward Scrook and his heart so black…"

Join Rosie and the Rocket Box Carollers on Christmas Eve as they visit avaricious old Uncle Edward. But this won’t quite be the Christmas Eve he was expecting. As the clock strikes midnight, a visitor arrives to warn Edward of what awaits him on the other side…

Rocket Box Theatre Presents: A Christmas Carol, a binaural audio retelling the Dickens' classic – the festive installment in their Rocket Bytes Season of audio theatre.

Carols, ghost stories, a pantomime Dame and even Daisy the Cow… 

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We want this production to be heard and enjoyed by as many people as possible which is why we have made access to it completely FREE.

If you enjoy the piece, we kindly ask that you consider making a small donation to the #WeMakeEvents campaign: an international movement that is working hard to support freelancers in the live events and entertainment industries.

Any donation you are able to make will massively support individual workers, families and industry charities affected by the current restrictions on arts and entertainment, and will help springboard the industry we love into a rapid post-COVID recovery


Adapted by: Mischa Jones

Director/Lead Editor: Eleanor Hibbert

Producer: Alice Lloyd-Davies


Editors: Mischa Jones and Harry Brewer


Musical Arrangements by: Eleanor Hibbert, Mischa Jones and Harry Brewer

Illustration and Graphics by: Eleanor Hibbert and Alice Lloyd-Davies

A captioned version of the radio play is available on our YouTube Page. If you would like a full transcript, please email:


This production was recorded using varying qualities of microphone. Recording sessions were done remotely from each of the voice actor's homes and not in any form of studio.


Edward Scrook: Zach Pierce

Rosie: Keira MacAlister

Narrator/Choir Leader: Freya Dawes

Daniel McGloyne: Harry Brewer

Ghost of Christmas Past: Mischa Jones

Dame of Christmas Present: Eleanor Hibbert

Jenny: Sophie Parkin

Jenny's Father: Sam Colborne

Young Scrook/ Jenny's Husband/ Diner: Josh Gorroño Chapman

Train Announcer: Ross Hayward

Hannah/Soloist/Small Tim: Alice Lloyd-Davies


Carollers: Mischa Jones, Harry Brewer, Eleanor Hibbert and Alice Lloyd-Davies

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