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"Winnifred Bay. Winnifred Bay, come in, this is Lab, 1 at Red Ridge. Hello? Winnifred Bay, are you receiving me?"

Join Tim, Martha and Patricia: three research scientists who find themselves trapped in a lab in the middle of the Arctic. Tim and Martha brave the cold (and the bears) in the hope to contact their home base. Patricia thinks she's hit a scientific goldmine.

Like moths to a flame, they are quick to latch on to what seems to be the discovery of a lifetime: a frozen neolithic woman, perfectly preserved in ice. But something's not quite right.

Put on some headphones and sit at the centre of their research base. Rocket Box invite you to experience an immersive 3D world of directional sound: every footstep, every echo, every strike of a match. Tune in to hear this chilling new radio play by Mischa Jones.

Available on both SoundCloud and Youtube (with captions)

Writer: Mischa Jones 

Director/Sound Editing: Eleanor Hibbert

Marketing and Video Editing: Alice Lloyd-Davies

Captions: Zach Pierce

Illustrations: Eleanor Hibbert

Produced by Rocket Box Theatre.

Made in Association with the Sunflower Foundation as a part of their Sunflower Skills Club.

A captioned version of the radio play is available on our YouTube Page. If you would like a full transcript, please email:


Martha: Annabel Lee 

Patricia: Eleanor Hibbert
Tim: Ross Hayward

Early Woman: Renae Mae Miller

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