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Available on both SoundCloud and Youtube (with captions)

"You're thinking of the happiest things in your life,

the moments that made it all worth it.


Think of them now."

Put on some headphones, sit back, and have a (virtual) cup of tea with Sylvie.  

Reliving her happiest memories with the click of a cassette tape. Sylvie opens up a world familiar to her, safe to her, and one that is simply too busy for another sip of tea. Amy Winehouse is her best friend, Michael Jackson isn’t a Christian, and Elvis Presley drove a bus yesterday. Peter will be back any minute now. 

Hear the world through Sylvie’s ears: songs from a time long past, the hum of a busy high road, the static buzz of a blank television.

This piece, written by Rachel Horner, explores the eccentricities of getting older.


Writer: Rachel Horner 

Director and Sound Design: Ross Hayward
Music: Eleanor Hibbert and Harry Brewer

Marketing: Alice Lloyd-Davies

Captions: Zach Pierce

Illustrations: Eleanor Hibbert

Produced by Rocket Box Theatre.

Made in Association with the Sunflower Foundation as a part of their Sunflower Skills Club.

A captioned version of the radio play is available on our YouTube Page. If you would like a full transcript, please email:


Sylvie: Eleanor Hibbert 

Amy Winehouse: Annabel Lee
Elvis Presley: Josh Gorroño Chapman

Peter: Harry Brewer


Additional voices provided by Alice Lloyd-Davies, Zach Pierce and Azzaya Batbayar.

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